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The April Reading List

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Happy Saturday beautiful people!

As this weird month draws to an end, I thought I would share with you what is going to be on my reading list for April. I’ve got 3 picks (hopefully I will get through some more) but I thought it would be nice to share them with you and maybe inspire you to have a read yourself.

I’m going to start doing this every month and I will be doing monthly book reviews too (so, at the end of April, I will do a post sharing my thoughts on this list – does this make sense? I’ve definitely not had enough coffee today).

Before I start rambling, let’s crack on with the list – shall we?

Dumped, Actually – Nick Spalding

This was my book club pick this month (will go into detail about the book club later…) and it will roll over into the first few weeks of April, so I thought I would give it a mention! This book has a 3.5* rating on Good Reads with the majority praising this light and funny read. A lot of people know Nick Spalding for his novel ‘Fat Chance’ which again shares praise for being funny and an easy read.

I thought I would start the book club with something not too challenging and I’m interested to see how I get on with it, we all love a break up book right?

The plot follows an online blogger who is very publicly dumped by who he thinks is the love of his life and his journey dealing with the break up and who he meets along the way. I’m looking forward to seeing how this one unfolds.

Lanny – Max Porter

This novel was actually long-listed for the Booker Prize last year and has incredible reviews through Good Reads with a 4.5* rating. The author, Max Porter has many accreditation’s for his first novel “Grief is the Thing with Feathers” (which is also on my list!).

This book from the outset is exciting to me, as I have seen many reviews praising Max Porter’s unique storytelling craft as well as his experimental style. This one is definitely a read I don’t expect to be disappointed by!

The plot follows a village in England which is hundred’s of year’s old and is inhabited by residents, as well as spirits from the village. The story follows a character called Dead Papa Toothwort who is listening to the voices of the village and particularly takes an interest to a young boy called Lanny. It definitely isn’t an easy plot to explain but I cannot wait to read it.

Wakenhyrst – Michelle Paver

I don’t know if this is cheating because I have technically already started it but haven’t carried it on for a few weeks, so I will be starting afresh in April.

In all honesty, I downloaded Wakenhyrst on my Kindle because I could read it for free with Amazon Prime. I’m glad I did though because I am quite interested in it, I love the Edwardian England setting and pretty much anything written with this theme, so I will take some pleasure from this no matter what.

The book has a 3.5* rating on Good Reads and is praised for being a true Gothic novel. Whilst some say they were bored throughout reading, others thoroughly enjoy watching the underlying plots unravel – so I’m excited to see which group I fall into!

The novel is set in 1906 and is set in a manor house which sits on the edge of a bleak Fen, outside the town of Wakenhyrst from which the novel takes it’s name. The plot follows Edmund Stearn and his family, particularly his daughter Maud, and the troubles that the family faces behind the doors of the manor. It is a ghost story and has plots relating to insanity and feminism, so I’m sure it will be an interesting read.

That’s my list so far, but I would love to know if you have any book recommendations or anything you would like me to review? As mentioned at the start I will be reviewing the April list towards the end of next month, so keep an eye out for that.

I have also started a book club over on my Instagram account @livsreadingcorner which you are welcome to join! Just send me a message and I will let you know the book choice and the deadline, you will then be added to the group chat and we can have a discussion together.

I hope everybody is managing to stay safe and healthy through these uncertain times!

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