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A Box Of Stories - The subscription box saving books

I recently came across a new book subscription service called A Box Of Stories and when I saw their mission, I decided to look some more into it. We are all guilty of buying what is on the best-selling chart, new releases from bigger authors or books we see on Bookstagram but what about the rest? What about the books that don't have the marketing budget to be plastered everywhere? That's where A Box Of Stories comes in. They take novels by undiscovered authors and based on your preferences will send you 4 surprise books every month! By curating a list of titles, they then use their algorithm that combines reviews from book forums, website rankings, critic reviews, etc. to create your personalised box of surprise books.

Not only does this allow you to discover new books and authors but it saves these books from going otherwise undiscovered. That's what I love about this book subscription!

Unlike your typical book subscription boxes, the titles in each box aren't pre-picked or curated by default, so what arrives really is a surprise!

I was kindly gifted a box by A Box of Stories and as someone who has used a few book subscription services now, I must say the service really has no-fault. If like me you wanted to discover the not so popular books and new authors, you will love this service.

I chose the Fiction Box, however, you can choose from; Fiction, Mixed, Crime, Young Adult, Light Reads or Historical Fiction. I definitely think I'm going to try the historical fiction one soon!

Let's talk about service...

The Service

My box was shipped on February 28th and I received it on March 4th, so really speedy delivery! It was nice to receive it within the first week of the month, rather than it being shipped in the first week of the month.

I was kept in the loop about my order throughout, so it was great to have constant communication as this is a flaw I have noticed with some other subscription boxes. What I also like is that the box had minimal packaging and everything could be recycled - so they're doing their bit for the planet too! The Books

The books I received were;

- Little Big Love by Katy Regan

- The Long Forgotten by David Whitehouse

- I Thought I Knew You by Penny Hancock

- From the Wreck by Jane Rawson

From an initial look at the books, they definitely seem interesting and it saddens me to think they would otherwise be lost forever.

If you keep your subscription with A Box Of Stories for a year, you would save 48 books from being destroyed which is incredible to me.

I think a lot of book subscription boxes can have a lot of bells and whistles, normally giving you one book with lots of 'extras'. I think for the readers who just want to discover new authors and books, the subscription from A Box Of Stories is definitely one I would recommend.

You can check out the different boxes available from A Box Of Stories here.

I'll be doing an unboxing over on my Instagram and TikTok, so make sure you follow me there to see what's inside!

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Disclaimer: I was gifted my box from A Box Of Stories. All opinions are my own.

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